Oleg Jelesko – Da Vinci Capital Management: A Robust Firm in Asset Management

Oleg Jelesko - Da Vinci Capital Management: A Robust Firm in Asset Management

Oleg Jelesko – Da Vinci Capital Management: A Robust Firm in Asset Management

Oleg Jelesko is an investment manager with several successful projects. As the founder and CEO of a large investment fund, Da Vinci Capital, Oleg Jelesko has gathered advanced technology companies in its portfolio. Oleg Jelesko has been working in the international financial market for more than 30 years.

Oleg Jelesko, born in 1969, is a financier who founded the investment company known as Da Vinci Capital. He is recognized as a high-caliber specialist in the field of asset management and is considered an emblematic figure within the private equity industry. His contributions and leadership have significantly shaped the contours of asset management, marking his prominence and enduring influence in this sphere. Under his guidance, Da Vinci Capital has emerged as a beacon of excellence, navigating the complexities of the financial world with expertise and strategic foresight


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Oleg Jelesko was born in Aktobe (formerly known as Aktyubinsk), and he spent his childhood in this industrial hub. Despite the robust industrial environment that surrounded him, the future investor's aspirations steered him towards higher education, prompting a significant decision to relocate for the sake of pursuing advanced academic opportunities.

Oleg Jelesko embarked on his higher education journey at the Mendeleev Institute of Chemical Technology in the late 1980s, and by 1992, he had graduated, officially earning the title of a cyberneticist.

During his university years, the future financial market expert was presented with an exceptional opportunity that would significantly enhance his qualifications beyond the borders of his home country. For six months, Oleg Jelesko participated in an exchange program at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, USA. This experience abroad allowed him to further delve into his primary field of interest – the development of information systems for management and data processing. This period abroad not only enriched the academic profile of Oleg Jelesko but also provided him with a broader perspective on his field of study, laying a solid foundation for his future endeavors in the complex world of finance and investment.

Upon completing his higher education, Oleg Jelesko embarked on an ambitious journey to build his career within international companies, all the while continuing to expand his expertise and acquire new skills.

Oleg Jelesko: Climbing the Career Ladder

The path of the future financial expert's career commenced in the 1990s. The first significant step for Oleg Jelesko was at an audit firm from the "Big Five" — Andersen Consulting, which is now known as Accenture. A primary focus of the financial enterprise, and one that received considerable attention, was the integration of IT technologies into business processes. Oleg Jelesko was deeply involved in this area, working as a consultant. He also led numerous projects that were implemented across Europe and Eurasia.

The tenure of Oleg Jelesko at Andersen Consulting was marked by a proactive approach to leveraging cutting-edge IT solutions to streamline and enhance business operations. This experience not only honed his skills in consulting and project management, but also deepened his understanding of the transformative impact of technology on the financial sector. Through these endeavors, Oleg Jelesko made significant strides in his career, laying a solid foundation for his future success in the world of finance and investment.

The specialist's growing interest in strategic consulting led him to join the ranks of the leading global consulting firm McKinsey & Company in 1996. There, Oleg Jelesko primarily focused on the Czech and RF financial markets. In his role, he offered consultancy services to companies that would later secure leading positions within their respective niches. Through his work with these companies, he realized that his true passion lay in investment banking.

A few years later, an opportunity arose for Oleg Jelesko to join the team at the investment bank Credit Suisse First Boston. As Vice President of Development, he tackled the challenges of scaling the company and prepared for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals. Furthermore, he was involved in the development of complex and effective financial products, which comprised a blend of securities and derivatives. This innovation enabled investors to opt for investment solutions that best suited their risk and return preferences.

The tenure of Oleg Jelesko at Credit Suisse First Boston was characterized by his strategic insight and ability to develop financial solutions that catered to the nuanced needs of investors. His efforts in scaling the company and preparing it for significant M&A transactions underscored his adeptness in navigating the intricate landscape of investment banking. Through the creation of sophisticated financial products, Oleg Jelesko played a pivotal role in broadening the range of investment options available, thereby enhancing the firm's value proposition to its clientele.

During his tenure at CSFB, the financier succeeded in attracting over $1 billion in investments.

Oleg Jelesko at Renaissance Capital

Oleg Jelesko

His rapid career progression inspired Oleg Jelesko to contemplate starting his own venture. However, the time for launching his own project had not yet arrived. In 2004, upon receiving a personal invitation from Stephen Jennings, the head of the financial institution Renaissance Capital, Oleg Jelesko took charge of the structured products department at this fast-growing company. As the leader of an entire division, he focused on the development of the investment bank's core business areas, which included the fintech sector. At the initiative of Oleg Jelesko, a platform for alternative investments in emerging markets was launched. This strategic move channeled approximately $5 billion into the

economies of developing countries and generated nearly $200 million in earnings for the clients of the investment company.

This period at Renaissance Capital marked a significant chapter in the career of Oleg Jelesko, showcasing his ability to drive innovation and expand the business into new areas. His leadership in developing a platform for alternative investments not only contributed to the growth of Renaissance Capital but also produced a tangible impact on emerging economies. Through these efforts, Oleg Jelesko demonstrated his commitment to pioneering solutions that benefited both investors and the broader financial landscape, further cementing his reputation as a forward-thinking and influential figure in the world of finance.

Oleg Jelesko was instrumental in launching new financial products in the country, and thus significantly diversified the market. These included investment funds targeting the energy sector, comprehensive financial products, the digital platform Renaissance Online, the Renaissance Pre-IPO Fund for early-stage investment opportunities, and a fund focused on investing in financial structures. Through these efforts, Oleg Jelesko not only introduced innovative investment solutions but also played a key role in enhancing the domestic financial landscape.

Oleg Jelesko: Da Vinci Capital Management as a Successful Asset Management Investment Company

Oleg Jelesko

Professional success once again prompted the financier to consider developing his own ideas. In 2007, a new project was launched by Oleg Jelesko: Da Vinci Capital, an investment company focusing primarily on financing promising mid-capitalization projects with a specialization in direct investments. Under the guidance of Oleg Jelesko, Da Vinci Capital was officially registered as an asset management company, concentrating its investments in the high-tech sector of the economy, including projects from IT, fintech, and digital transformation areas. Special attention was given to companies capable of scaling their business processes globally.

As the founder and managing partner of Da Vinci Capital, Oleg Jelesko selects projects with strong growth potential for investment. He personally handles the company's development strategy and direct administration as its founder and top manager. The financier sometimes independently proposes projects to his team that could interest potential investors.

Globally, Oleg Jelesko, Da Vinci Capital founder has established a model for creating funds for investments in high-tech projects, focusing not only on monetization through the initial public offering of papers of fast-growing companies but also on profit-through-sale strategies. This approach has enabled the financier's company to increase stakes in projects up to acquiring controlling packages. Meanwhile, Oleg Jelesko-Da Vinci Capital Fund focuses on private enterprises in emerging and global markets.

Oleg Jelesko: Da Vinci Capital Fund and Its Structure

The financial company founded by Oleg Jelesko manages several funds: Fund I, Fund II, Pre-IPO Fund, and Pre-IPO Tech Fund. The latter was conceived in collaboration with a domestic venture capital company. Through these funds, investments are made in promising projects, with an investment horizon of 2-5 years.

Despite being founded during the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, the company has shown resilience and successfully continued to develop investment products.

Under the direct control of Oleg Jelesko, Da Vinci Capital successfully carried out the first fund’s initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange.

EPAM as a Da Vinci Capital Portfolio Company

Today, the portfolio of the investment company managed by Oleg Jelesko (Da Vinci Capital) includes several well-known, highly regarded brands.

Among the notable deals, the company's founder highlights its investments in EPAM. In the winter of 2008, Da Vinci Capital invested over $18.5 million in this fast-growing American IT corporation, which develops software for businesses and is one of the leading outsourcing companies in Europe. With the arrival of Oleg Jelesko at EPAM, the need for the company to conduct an IPO started being addressed.

By the winter of 2012, EPAM had conducted its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. A decade after the IPO, EPAM's shares surged fiftyfold, from $14 to $700.

The Birth of the Moskva Exchange

Oleg Jelesko

In March 2008, under the guidance of Oleg Jelesko, Da Vinci Capital gathered funds to finance the RTS trading platform and acquired a stake in the exchange. Two years later, Oleg Jelesko joined the exchange's board of directors and undertook the transformation and growth of the RTS index.

By October 2011, the investment company of Oleg Jelesko became the main shareholder of the trading platform and initiated the merger of two domestic exchanges for trading financial assets — the RTS and the MICEX. By the end of that year, a corresponding agreement was signed, facilitating the birth of the MICEX-RTS unified exchange (later renamed to PJSC Moskva Exchange). This is the only platform focused on domestic financial assets that is also a fully vertically integrated platform, including being an exchange with a dedicated clearing house and a central securities depository.

Following this transaction, in February 2013, the Moskovskaya Exchange conducted its initial public offering on its trading platform, raising over $500 million in the initial placement.


Another successful portfolio investment by the company was the investment of both its own capital and external funds totaling $40 million in the tech business Softline. This project specializes in licensing and providing services and solutions in the field of information security and digital transformation.

The deal took place in 2016, and within a year, as a member of the board of directors at Softline, Oleg Jelesko had developed necessary business solutions for the company and led the process of preparing the initial public offering of its global depositary receipts on exchanges in England and the RF. Work on the program for the technology company's entrance into new markets and a series of personnel decisions significantly increased Softline's turnover, reaching over $2 billion by 2021.


The coronavirus pandemic and COVID-related restrictions became a catalyst for the growth of businesses in the online education niche. Oleg Jelesko-Da Vinci Capital Fund saw the potential in this direction and facilitated an investment of $109 million in 2021 into one of the most global mass online education platforms, Coursera. The project, initiated by Stanford University computer science professors, enables users to enhance their educational level from home. As of 2023, it boasted nearly 140 million registered users.

The State of Business Today

Oleg Jelesko

Today, the company founded and headed by Oleg Jelesko, Da Vinci Capital, continues to advance in the private equity field. The investment portfolio of the investment company consists of leading technological firms that are resilient to economic shocks and consistently demonstrate growth.

In 2022, the company managed approximately half a billion dollars, raised not only from private investors but also from large institutions, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the German development finance institution DEG, and others.

Oleg Jelesko has assembled a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive educational backgrounds in the investment banking field. He himself is recognized as an expert in the financial market with more than 30 years of investment banking, consulting, and strategic management experience in the UK, Eurasia, and developing countries.

The professional community highly values the company's work and has recognized it with several awards. In 2022, it won first place at the domestic PE&VC Awards for its contribution to the development of the Private Equity industry in the CIS.

Oleg Jelesko: Career Overview

· September 1992–July 1996: Consultant at Accenture, with a focus on information technology and strategic consulting

· August 1996–July 1998: Associate at McKinsey & Company, offering financial services

· July 1998–January 2004: Director at Credit Suisse First Boston, responsible for emerging markets equities and derivatives

· January 2004–June 2007: Managing Director and Partner at Renaissance Capital, responsible for structured products, derivatives, and alternative investments

· 2007–Present: Founder and Managing Partner of Da Vinci Capital